Form Boxing
Currently in development and nearing completion -- tasks have included co-design & development, implementation with vendor API, and creating and optimizing responsive elements. ▲View Site (inactive - launching soon)
Non Plus Ultra
Tasks included UX, co-design, sole development, integration with vendor API(s), and extensive Wordpress child theme development. ▲View Site
adidas . HVW8
Art + Design
Tasks included design, development, and integration with Tumblr. ▲View Site
adidas . Jake Blauvelt
Tasks included creative direction, UX, co-design, and sole development. This project required the development of a unique Parallax engine that could freely manipulate any element within any given view. ▲View Site
adidas . Skateboarding
Tasks included architecture, co-design, UX, sole development, integration with adidas tech (product, stores data, workflow), and continued maintenance and updates over several years. We launched Actionsports in English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian. ▲View Site
adidas . Snowboarding
An extended site from the Skateboarding framework. Tasks were identical to Skatebaording. We again launched Actionsports in English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian. ▲View Site
Hyundai / FIFA
Tasks involved Tech Lead overseeing and aiding in Vendor site development as well as all development of digital marketing materials. Unfortunately this site and all accompanying materials are no longer available. But there is a project description on the agency site: ▲View Innocean Project
Hyundai . HP Prototype
This is an example of the type of daily prototypes built for a proposed new; in this case, to test swipe carousel functionality for a Homepage concept. There were many of these covering many sections and ideas. Tasks included sole development and daily scrum meetings. ▲View Site
Lexus . GS Model Prototype
This prototype was built for a proposed new Lexus GS Model section; in this case, to test several small UI elements (they are scattered throughout; any questions please ask). The GS Model section was the first, genuine agile team production done in-house at Team One (long time effort headed by myself, Alastair, Jason, Sue, and Justin). Tasks included UX, design, sole development and daily scrum meetings. ▲View Site